Welcome to St. Moritz, the oldest ski station in the world. Enjoy your vacation in the Upper Engadine and the Swiss Alps: the cradle of winter tourism.
Information St. Moritz

Information St. Moritz Switzerland

Information St. Moritz Switzerland

St. Moritz, 150 Years on Top of the World

St. Moritz (German: Sankt Moritz, Romanche: San Murezzan), in Switzerland, is the world’s oldest ski resort, opened in 1864. It is located in the Swiss Alps, in the Upper Engadine region, at an altitude of 1.856 metres.

Due to its elegance, exclusivity, innovation and its cosmopolitan atmosphere, St. Moritz is one of the world’s most famous ski resorts. It offers an attractive mixture of nature, sport, activity, culture and rest.

Although the majority of the local people are German speakers, every year hundreds of thousands of people travel to St. Moritz from all over the world, especially from Italy, United Kingdom, Russia, Austria, New Zealand, Germany, Luxembourg, Australia, Belgium, Norway, Ireland and many others, conceiving a cosmopolitan atmosphere rich in different cultures.

St. Moritz has a total surface of almost 29 km², and it is divided into 4 areas, all of them have excellent tourist services:


More than 3.500 years ago a spring of therapeutic waters was discovered in the Alps, it was registered for the first time in the year 1.466 A.C. During the Middle Ages the healing waters were visited during the summer months. A church was built near the spring, and in the year 1519 Pope Leo X promised full acquittal to everyone who made a pilgrimage to the spring. In the year 1535 the great doctor Paracelsus spent a long period studying the curative properties of water, while residing in St. Moritz.

Little by little, with the passing of years, the number of visitors has increased and some people started to build their housing in the surrounding areas. In the year 1830 St. Moritz had 200 inhabitants.

The pioneers who built the first hotels and establishments have entered the history of tourism on numerous occasions.

At first it was a summer holiday destination, till 1864, when the hotelier Johannes Badrutt challenged four of his clients to go back in the winter. If they liked St. Moritz in winter, all of them would receive all-expense-paid holiday during all the time they wanted. The customers were amazed discovering that the climate in the Swiss Alps during winter was more sunny than they expected, and besides they could enjoy a breathtaking and majestic snowy landscape never seen before.

It was the beginning of St. Moritz as winter tourist destination, and since then its popularity has only increased.

St. Moritz had the honour of being the host of the Winter Olympics Games in the years 1928 and 1948. It is a very outstanding enclave in the world of sports, where 4 Alpine Ski World Cups, more than 40 Bobsleigh World Cups, approximately 40 Engadine Ski Marathons, about 30 Windsurfing Marathons in Engadine, various Sailing World Championships and a great number of sport events have already been held.

Chronology of St. Moritz

Year   Description
1139 B.C   The first documentary reference
1864 / 65   The birth of winter tourism in the Alps
1864   The first Tourist Office in Switzerland
1878   The first place with the electricity in Switzerland (Hotel Kulm)
1880   The first Curling Tournament on the continent
1882   The first European Ice Skating Championship
1885   The first modern winter sport: Cresta Run
1889   The first Golf Tournament in the Alps
1889   The first telephone installation in the Canton of Graubünden
1890   The first Bob Run and Bob Race
1896   The first electric tram in the Alps
1896   The first hotel in Europe with category "Palace"
1906   The first horse race on the snow
1907   The first horse race on a frozen lake
1910   The first motorized plane flight over Switzerland
1928   The celebration of the Winter Olympic Games
1929   The first Ski School in Switzerland
1930   The first speed skiing slope
1930 / 37   The first place with registered symbol
1948   The celebration of the Winter Olympic Games
1979   The first Ice Golf Tournament
1985   The first Polo Tournament on the frozen snow-covered lake
1986   The first Ski Resort with registered name and logo
1987   The first Snowboard World Cup on the continent
1989   The first Cricket Match on the frozen snow-covered lake
1995   The first Polo World Cup in the Alps


From St. Moritz you will have direct lift access via to the more than 350 kilometres (217 miles) of the ski slopes which The Upper Engadine offers. Due to its altitude between 1.800 and 3.300 metres (5.906 − 10.837 steps) above sea level, the quality of the snow is one of the best in Europe.

Alpine skiing, freeride slopes, slopes for downhill skiing, children’s ski slopes, ski mountaineering, cross-country skiing, etc. In Saint Moritz you will find everything related to the world of skiing and the snow.

In St. Moritz you also will be able to continue practicing your favourite sport when night falls. Go down illuminated ski slopes, take a moment to observe clear and starry Alpine sky. We assure you that it will be a totally new experience.

On the days of the full moon the artificial lights are unnecessary, soft natural moon light will indicate us the path along the slopes. Night slopes are open during all season, from 19:00 to 02:00 in the morning.

St. Moritz: the birthplace of winter tourism


Mountain Ski lifts Ski slopes
Corvatsch 15 21
Corviglia 24 33
Diavolezza/Lagalb 5 9
Maloja 2 2
Pontresina 2 2
Samedan 1 2
La Punt 1 1
Zuoz 5 10
S-chanf 1 1
Muottas Muragl 2 1


There are a wide variety of the activities, such as alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, sledging slopes, bobsleigh runs, horse racing on ice, ice golf, cricket, ice skating, curling tournaments, hockey, Olympic ski jumping, ice climbing, snow racket excursions, paragliding, horse riding, ski jumping, tennis, squash, food and music festivals, opera, art, and much more.

Let to guide you through the energy and dynamism of St. Moritz and live the unforgettable experiences.

Health and wellness

With more than 320 sunny days per year, a magnificent "climate champagne", and an impressive mountain landscape, St. Moritz is a perfect destination to relax and enjoy the tranquility and happiness.

More than 3.500 years ago a spring of thermal waters rich in iron was discovered, these waters were born under the St. Moritz Lake. Since then these waters are used to give the visitors salutary and pleasant experience. The oldest spa dates from the year 1466 A.C.

The St. Moritz spas have had a great success during the history. In the year 1519 Pope Leo X promised full acquittal to everyone who made a pilgrimage to the spring. Over the years, a large number of studies of the St. Moritz spring properties were realized, including the studies of the Paracelsus and Malacrida, both with a great international reputation.

Nowadays, there are various spa centers in St. Moritz which use these natural waters, including ones situated inside hotels.


Enjoy the high mountain cuisine in any of the more than 100 restaurants of St. Moritz, 30 of them situated near the ski slopes. Gastronomic offering is very wide and varied, giving us the opportunity to choose not only among homemade and traditional dishes but also among very sophisticated gourmet dishes.

Moreover, annually the St. Moritz Gourmet Festival is held, where haute cuisine is served at an altitude of more than 1800 metres.

For families

St. Moritz Ski Resort is ideal for the families which want to enjoy the snow and the winter activities together. Children’s playgrounds, climbing walls, tournaments, horse riding, family spas, to discover the flora and the fauna of the Swiss National Park, etc.

You also will be able to enjoy your first ski or snowboard experience due to the ski instructors for children.

In the resort there are the 4-person chair lifts and one special lift for children from the age of 4 years, which they will be able to use without being accompanied by adults.


St. Moritz nightlife provides a wide variety of bars, lounges, clubs and discotheques to enjoy a cosmopolitan and friendly atmosphere at an altitude of more than 1800 metres. Some of them are located inside the hotels and others on the streets of the Resort, especially in the St. Moritz-Dorf area.

There are entertainments to suit all tastes, whether you want to have an appetizer before dinner or dance until the morning with DJs. In total there are approximately 35 bars, clubs and discotheques distributed all over resort.

You can also enjoy the nightlife in the St. Moritz Casino. It is situated very close to the Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains and offers an amusing and elegant atmosphere.


Numerous international celebrities have chosen St. Moritz as their favourite holiday destination. Alfred Hitchcock, Gunter Sachs and Brigitte Bardot were St. Moritz regular guests, just like Henry Ford, the family Kennedy, Charlie Chaplin, Thomas Mann, Greta Garbo, the football player Ronaldo, or the Shah of Persia, among many others.

Champagne Climate

St. Moritz offers the climate known as "Champagne climate" due to the sun’s intensity and its dry air, giving the snow some characteristics which make it more solid than anywhere else. More than 322 sunny days per year. The average temperature in the winter is -9 ºC, and up to the -20 ºC during the night, but due to the dry climate it is like -6 ºC.

According to the serious studies of the health in Switzerland, the climate of high mountains has a direct and beneficial effect on a wide range of diseases. It is a powerful stimulant of the temporary functions, breathing, blood circulation and the construction of red blood cells.


Summer season offers us precious natural places where you can enjoy the mountains in all their splendour. We also can practice some sports, such as mountain biking, roller-skating, hiking, windsurfing, sailing, tennis, opera, national parks, etc.