Booking conditions

Booking conditions St. Moritz Switzerland

Booking conditions

Reservations and payment conditions:

To confirm the reservation, the tenant will need to pay: A deposit of 50% of the rental price. Expressly agreed on by the parties, it is understood that this sum is paid as a part payment and not as down payment. The 2 copies of the signed contract must be returned. The balance is payable no later than five weeks before the arrival date. If the balance remains unpaid within five weeks before the arrival date, St. Moritz Switzerland‎ Travel will have the rights to cancel the reservation. In that case, the deposit will not be refunded and the 50% left of the stay will be charged the tenant (see cancellation rubric). Any reservations made less than five weeks before arrival must be paid in full. All our prices are in Euros.

Tourist tax is not included in the public rate. Please note that the bank fees are charged to the client. The lessee undertakes to accept the rented premises on the dates and times established in the contract.

The keys delivery will be done after the payment of the security deposit (amount depending on the type of accommodation) all additional services as appropriate, and tourist tax.

Condition of the contract development:

The tenant will make his reservation in paying the amount required in the article “Reservations and payment conditions”. The rental contract is created when St. Moritz Switzerland‎ Travel confirm the reservation which will be done within the month the deposit has been received. If by any circumstances in that time limit St. Moritz Switzerland‎ Travel has not confirmed the reservation, the deposit will be returned immediately.


Any cancellation must be in writing. Date of receipt will determine the cancellation date. In any case the following conditions will be applied.

From the booking date to 61 days: the deposit is not refunded to the tenant.

From 60 to 31 days: 75% of the stay will be charged to the tenant.

From 30 days to the arrival date or no show: 100% of the stay will be charged to the tenant. In case of a motivated cancellation and if we manage rented again the property, the amount paid can be refunded.

Any shortened stay will not be refunded. In case of cancellation from St. Moritz Switzerland‎ Travel of your stay in the expected residency for some external circumstances, St. Moritz Switzerland‎ Travel will provide you, if possible, another accommodation of the same category or higher with no additional charges. Otherwise St. Moritz Switzerland‎ Travel is immediately committed to refund the full amount that has been paid. In this assumption, the tenant will abstain from report damages, whatever it is.


All the objects or the personal effects belonging to the tenant, recover from the own responsibility of this one. The present contract includes an insurance cancellation the conditions of which are mentioned in the paragraph 'Cancellation' above.

Regarding the rented property, the tenant is responsible for damage which he will have caused. St. Moritz Switzerland‎ Travel disclaims all liability if a water damage, a fire or a theft arise during the stay. St. Moritz Switzerland‎ Travel and the owner declines any responsibility regarding these tenant's risks arising during the stay.

Security guarantee deposit:

The guarantee deposit is paid to settle the cost of any damage that might have been incurred by the rented real estate property or by items of furniture or other items furnishing the rented premises, and to settle the various expenses. The cashable security guarantee deposit will have to be paid by the tenant, the latest on arrival.

Natural and technological risks:

According to the law of July 30th, 2003 on the prevention of the damage and to the article L 125-5 of the code of the environment, the tenants of real property situated in zones covered by a technological or natural plan of risk prevention predictable, prescribed or approved, or in zones in “sismité” defined by a decree in Council of State, are informed by the landlord of the existence of the risks aimed by these plans and decrees. Considering the seasonal and temporary real estate character of the activity(occupation) of the properties(goods); St. Moritz Switzerland‎ Travel holds measure of the tenant the totality of the texts of laws and the decrees, the state of the risks by municipality and the plans of zoning of the updated risks delivered by the municipalities and the prefecture of Savoy.

Concierge Services:

An extra between 10% and 20% (to the price before tax) will be added to concierge services (transfers, cleaning...). The price increase by St. Moritz Switzerland‎ Travel of some services with a reduced VAT rate will necessarily lead to a change to standard VAT rate. At 1st June 2012 standard VAT rate was 19,6%. Except services subjected to outlays.


Some additional services subjected to a reduced VAT rate are supplied to you like outlays, being intermidiate, St. Moritz Switzerland‎ Travel is appointed by his customer to buy from a reduced VAT rate of the product or the service (ski passes, ski lessons ) with the concerned company. It is about a refund of outlays for others and the intermidiary St. Moritz Switzerland‎ Travel does not have to subject to the VAT the sums which have been paid. St. Moritz Switzerland‎ Travel does not practice margin and the service is bought from the public price shown in the boxes of providers.


Upon an arrival the tenant must report at the agency where he will be indicated his apartment or chalet's location and instructions.

Check in time is from 5 pm.

For arrivals after 7.30 pm, St. Moritz Switzerland‎ Travel needs to be contacted before 12 so arrangement can be made.

Any arrivals after midnight are not organized.


On the departure day, the apartment/chalet MUST BE VACATED and the keys returned by 10.00 am. Any late check out will be charged 150 € / hour or part there of.

The payment of the final bill (extra charges etc...) must be done the day prior to departure (on Friday);

The agency is opened from 9.00 am to 7.30 pm.

Any keys, remote control or beeper that is not handed in will be charged at purchased price.

Duration of your stay:

The duration of the stay is as per the contract and the tenant will not be authorized under any circumstances to remain in the apartment/chalet after the end date stated on the contract, unless express permission is given by St. Moritz Switzerland‎ Travel (any further stay will incur extra charges).


Animals are not permitted unless express authority given by the reservation centre with the consent of the owner (additional charge of 100 €)

Inventory and premises:

The incoming and outgoing inventory will be made unilaterally prior to arrival and after departure of the tenant. The tenant must report any fault within 72 hours. After this period, the leased property will be considered free of any damages.

The tenants’ obligations:

  1. The tenant will take care of the apartment/chalet which is in the care of St. Moritz Switzerland‎ Travel. The premises will be used as accommodation and under no circumstances will be their main or second home address or can be used for any professional and commercial activities.
  2. The tenant must use the apartment/chalet in a manner as to not cause any nuisance to the neighborhood. (Excessive noise or antisocial behavior).
  3. The tenant must not sublet the accommodation under any circumstances even if there is no charge.
  4. The tenant has the obligation to keep the apartment/ chalet in a good condition during their stay.
  5. The tenant will not introduce any animals without St. Moritz Switzerland‎ Travel authorization.
  6. The tenant will alert St. Moritz Switzerland‎ Travel immediately to any of their concern regarding maintenance work. The tenant will leave the maintenance team to get in the apartment/chalet to do the urgent work. If the maintenance work is due to a damage made by the tenants, and cannot be repaired by St. Moritz Switzerland‎ Travel technicians, and/or incur extra charges the tenant commits himself to take care of the invoice.
  7. All damages except for reasonable wear and tear are the responsibility of the tenant.

St. Moritz Switzerland‎ Travel obligations:

To provide the accommodation to the standard it has been describe upon reservation.


Any complaint related to a service must be raised to St. Moritz Switzerland‎ Travel within 72 hours after the checking day. The weekly charge cannot be adjusted due to services not being required.


The present contract is establish for a maximum capacity of person. This number of people confirmed on the contract must not be exceeded. In case of non authorized overflow, the reservation centre will be able to its discretion to refuse the extra people or to charge the tenants of 20% of the public price per person.

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